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Ultimate Bundle &  Membership Package - Over 75% Discount

Access To More Than A Full Year of Comprehensive Lesson Plans!


The "Ultimate Bundle & Membership Package" offers you over 75% discount from purchasing indivdual products.  This is the most cost effective and all inclusive package!


What Does This Package Include?

- Access to a full-year of curriculum-based lesson plans that will assist you in meeting the majority of the curriclum in Language Arts and Math in Kindergarten.

- The theme lesson plans have been recently revised to align with the Common Core Standards. This can easily be modified for the Preschool learner.

- Access to 23 Pre-K and Kindergarten lesson plan themes (PDF and ZIP downloads). This includes the "Alphabet Program".

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Kinderplans site retiring September 28th, 2020.  All Materials Will Not Be Available After This Date!

50% Discount Retirement Sale


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More Information About the Package

Over 100 Emergent Readers Offered

- Access to over 100 emergent readers used to effectively teach the alphabet and beginning reading skills.  

- If the "Alphabet and Sight Word Readers" were used in sequence; many of your students will be reading by the end of the school term.  Each reader contains the sight word and phonics base used to develop early reading skills.

- Access to Spanish readers related to the "Alphabet Program".


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More Resources

- Access to 156 alphabet picture cards used to teach phonemic awareness, the alphabet and related sounds.

- Access to over 150 craft templates that offer easy preparation ideas for your daily craft center.

- Access to Literacy Center Ideas which are included within each theme unit.  These center ideas and games provide engaging learning opportunities to help your learners master the curriculum outcomes.  

Resources continually being updated and added to support today's best teaching practices and philosophy.


Alphabet Program Included

- Assists in meeting core curriculum outcomes
- A powerful method to teach phonics and early reading skills based on current research and best teaching practices
- Includes interactive activities that address the area of reading comprehension
- Includes follow-up engaging literacy center games and activities that reinforce what has been learned


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New Alpha Tunes Action CD Included

This downloadable CD is meant to be used with the alphabet emergent readers.  The "Sight Word-Alphabet Readers" and "Alpha Tunes Action Downloadable CD"  allows educators to access effective and powerful tools to teach the alphabet and beginning reading skills.  This allows students to be engaged in their learning and an opportunity to associate what they have learned within the classroom  fun and effectively.


Math Program Included

- 416 pages of content to browse for ideas
- Designed to meet the majority of curriculum outcomes in the three different strands
- 37 page math workbook
- Fun and interactive activities that keep the students engaged in learning math!
- 15 Emergent readers included that can be used to teach the math outcomes and reading at the same time
- Video tutorials to help understand how the concepts can be introduced
- Offers flexibility in terms of programming
- BONUS mini-theme related to nursery rhymes that can used as a single theme 

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Science Curriculum Included

I am excited to offer a new Science Curriculum that integrates into the lesson plan themes found in the program.  There is a full-year of suggested easy to implement experiments and follow-up activities.  The experiments have been carefully chosen to integrate with the corresponding themes; as well as, allow the students to experiment independently at the Science Center.

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New   Pre-K Curriculum Included

Recently a curriculum was developed specifically to address the Pre-K outcomes.  It was also developed to address the needs of ESL students within our classrooms.  

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Cost and Renewal Policy
The initial cost for the first year will be $57.00 with a renewal cost of $10.00 for each of the following years.  You will be sent an e-mail in regards to your renewal and at that time you can complete the renewal process in order to continue to access your subscription.


Refund Policy
You can preview the material (no printing) for a two-week period after purchasing. We have the right to deny the refund if we notice the account has been accessed numerous times.  If you do not feel that the resources will be helpful to your learners, send us an e-mail and we will issue a refund.  We encourage you to sign-up to receive the FREE "Friendship Theme" prior to purchasing.  The other themes are very similar in content.  This free sample theme offers you an opportunity to test the product before making a decision to purchase.

Accessing the Materials
All the resources are accessed online from any computer with internet access.  When making the purchase, you will be required to setup you own personal account.  You will be asked to generate a username and an encrypted password.  These will be your login details for accessing the resources.  If for some reason; you do not receive this information via e-mail it may have been blocked by your e-mail provider and transferred to your "Junk" folder.



Kinderplans site retiring September 28th, 2020.  All Materials Will Not Be Available After This Date!

50% Discount Retirement Sale


- $23.50-


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