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Feedback 2

They are the most wonderful products available.  I belong to many web sites, but for the kindergarten ones that are right on target for what I need this is the greatest. Having all these resources saves me so much time.  Linda Hayes

Feedback 3

I have been a kindergarten teacher for 32 years and  I am now moving to a Pre-K position.  Your program fits my philosophical approach to early education and I am looking forward to using them.  It has been worth the hours of research spent on the computer looking for just the right material!!!  Carol Mock


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Feedback 5

I can't tell you how thrilled I am.  I work in a fly-in community in Northern Manitoba, and resources are hard to come by.  Quality resources are even more difficult.  Quality, comprehensive resources?  No way - - until today.  I googled "Kindergarten + community theme" and found your site.  I saw that I could access all your themes for one price, but decided to just order the one and assess it before I committed.  I've got memberships to dozens of different education websites and they generally languish unused in my computer.  I have been teaching for 22 years and this? This is undisputed single best resource I have come across. I printed all the teaching plans and resources for the Community unit and I am so excited to start teaching it.  What I loved best about it initially was that is so holistic-- everything is there, no need to spend hours searching all over the net to create a unit that meets all curriculum requirements.  Upon further inspection, I was really impressed with how many activities are based on current best practice:  small group work, centers and play-based learning, and conceptual comprehension.  And THEN you are Canadian to boot!  Thank you so much for a resource that is complete, interesting, full of quality activities, developmentally appropriate, excellent value, and exciting to teach as well as learn.           Thank you so much, Jennie very satisfied customer.

Feedback 6

This is the most successful web-site I have found. Everything is so easy to find and instructions easily readable. Thank you for a great job well done! Keep up the great work!!! Sincerely, Julie Wine--Grove Hill Elementary

Feedback 7                                                                                                                                           

Sorry I haven't responded before.  I just wanted to take the time to commend you for providing such an excellent resource for teachers--especially, Early Childhood/Kindergarten teachers who are interested in providing activities/classroom experiences which are developmentally appropriate and which look at the "big picture" in child development and developmentally approriate learning.  All areas of the curriculum are addressed in such detail and in such fun ways.  Their is no work really for me to do.  The lesson plans are already there and have saved me so much prep time.  The centers ideas are really wonderful.  What I am in the process of doing is taking each theme plan and linking my own provincial learning outcomes to all of the areas.  I'm hoping that when I begin school next September, I will have accumulated a wonderful file of theme plans that will correspond to my year plan and the outcomes on my report card.  Because I have so many children in my class that are language delayed in many different areas, I am able to accommodate their needs very well.  Adaptations are so simple.  Inclusiveness is not a problem.  I feel so fortunate to have come across your website and am sharing ideas with my other school colleagues.  I just noticed the blog that goes with your website and was very excited to find even more resources and ideas.

Thanks so much.
Cathy Harding, Vancouver Island, Canada

Feedback 8
I am a verteran teacher (teaching since 1982) but changed to kindergarten 3 years ago.  Your site is definitely a bonus!  I treated myself to it last year and whish I had upon my first year!  With the Common Core upon us, it is even MORE useful (if that is possible!).  Thank you so much for the info and for the wonderful site!  Marilyn Borden

Feedback 9
I love all of the math program you added to your site. Wow. Have you ever saved me hours of time! My membership has paid for itself so many times. Thanks for all of your hard work.     Leslie Memme (Beamsville, Ontario)



Feedback 10    
I was just revisiting today looking for materials on Community Helpers.  I had not been on for some time-
You have invested a lot of time I see perfecting navigation-it is beautiful and so easy to use now- I can't thank you enough  You have added so much to the program  I needed to write to let you know how grateful I am for all you have put into this-my year will be easier thanks to you!!
Bonus: I thought you had added on alphabet and math as separate packages so when I went to check for pricing on these two noticed they were already in my package
I'm not easy to please but you definitely  but a wow into my day
I was on  last month and your site did not look  like this at that time that was when you were directing me to look at a new game you had just made  You put in many hours  to do this
I can't thank you enough!!  I was looking into other sites to purchase membership but when I took a closer look was not impressed.  You are fantastic!

Feedback 11
Some guidance on effectively teaching children, getting them ready for a more defined school setting...this program has gone beyond  by hopes for a preschool setting.  The children are enjoying and MORE parents want their children in my program thank to Kinderplans.


Feedback 12                                                                                                                                        
 Have been busy at the beginning of the new school year for us here in Saudi.  Have started in September with the usual Back to School theme and incorporated it with your very special Friendship theme, they all learned "We are friends" tune in the space of a week and are still singing it in December, it was a great hit.  Have used the majority of material from each theme thereafter, give or take a few bits and pieces.  It has helped me alot to organize each unit as I go and the kids are loving the stories.  I have now completed the Colors theme and Numbers which I also incorporated shapes into as well.  It has ben a great help and will hopefully send you some pictures of some wonderful art work we have done involving rainbows etc... Many thank for your wonderful website and keep up the good work, we are enjoying it in Saudi.  Amina Harries

Feedback 13

The planning is really complete and you really cant' go wrong with KinderPlan. The teacher's prepping time is reduced, as much as the headache trying to find the right activities.  Giovana Samara

Feedback 14

I am a language teacher (french) and teach from Preschoolers (4 years old) to year 7 (12 yeas old).  I loved the printable books for the other seasons, as we translated theme to French.  Myrian Davies

 ESOL or Immersion

Feedback 15

I have ESOL students.  Your lesson plans fit right into what I have been doing as of date.  My students loved the worksheets.  They commented how much they like the pictures.  I helped them illustrate their own storys.    Nancy

Feedback 16

Thank you so much for your e-mail and website for me to download.  It was useful for me and my teachers to use it to help my Thai students improve their English.  I will share this with my foreign teachers who are my staff and thanks again for helping.     Chadsuda Kraiwong   

Feedback 17

I would like to thank you for such marvellous site, it really saves much time and search for me as I am an English teacher for first and second grade. I love the plants station ,and also the farm one. Many thanks and God bless you.   Chanteln

Feedback 18

Brilliant thank you, my students who are ESL beginners in reception and grade 1 will enjoy the resource!!!      Tracey

Feedback 19

It helped me to create effective centers for my classroom.  I teach French-Immersion and will have to translate but the ideas are excellent.  Isabelle Boulet

 Special Education

Feedback 20

I am currently a member and use the monthly theme units with my special ed students.  They experience academic success as they are able to read the books and complete the activities that go along with each one. Kinderplans is an integral part of my teaching materails and I look forward to any new resources that will become available.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful web site.  Karen Pollack

Feedback 21

I teach Special Education in an elementary school and I find your lesson plans very useful because I do not have to modify them in any way.  My students are able to understand them, thus helping them to read and comprehend better.         By Sheyla  

Feedback 22

I have been using kinderplans for a long time in my self contained special education classroom.  It is my life and has helped me to be such an effective teacher.  The new website is WONDERFUL!!!  I will recommend to everyone.  Kim Lipp

 Thank You!


Home Schooling

 Feedback 23

We are so HAPPY!  Thank you again the the wonderful blessing you sent into our lives.  I can't begin to tell you how happy we are.  Caity doesn't want to stop working long enough to eat or sleep.  I have never seen a child so happy about school.  Please know that you have amde my little KaKa  a very happy learner.  Please, please know that you are making a difference in my precious little KaKa's life and her education, when everyone else turned down her need for an education.  I will keep you updated in her progress.  Thank you and may GOD bless you greatly,    Nancy Malone and Caity

Feedback 24

I home school and my daughter is 6.  She loves the illustrations and the fun manner in which the stories are written.  I like the thoroughness of the theme and the way it provided a starting topic for a thorough discussion.  We have just reviewed it and read most of it together and are looking forward to completing all the activities.  VERY age appropriate.  Thank you            Shirely

Feedback 25

I am homeschooling 2 preschoolers and have found this website a godsend!  Patricia Roch

Feedback 26
This has been a wonderful couple of years, that I have used your site and received emails. My children are now beyond the age of early learning so I no longer have a need to receive these emails. I do want to thank you though. I have used these lessons and print outs for all three of my children. And I am proud to say that all three of my children are in the gifted program at their school. :D What a wonderful resource you provide. Thank you!   Susan

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