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Color Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten


- 3 emergent readers to teach beginning reading skills
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A fun way to learn about colors!

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Colors Theme Lesson Plans Overview

Preschool-Kindergarten Printables

This theme unit includes five emergent readers.  These are used to teach early reading skills.  View the sample pages below.

 Emergent Reader 1 - Funny Enormous Eggs Introduces Letter "e"

Read the book "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.  This would be followed-up by reading the emergent reader   Funny Enormous Eggs which introduces letter "e" for egg and enormous within its story context.  The interactive component requires the children to color the eggs according to the text.  Focus sight words are:  this, is, an and funny.

A sample page can be found in the link below:

Sample Page from the Reader

Color Sample Page

 Literacy Related Units Based on Sight Word and Alphabet Program - Literature Selections Green Eggs and Ham, Mouse Paint, Go Away Big Green Monster and The Nose Book

Each Unit Includes:

-1 emergent reader in multiple versions
-3 alphabet game activities
-4 sight words game activities
-phonemic and phonological related activities
-related craft/art activity
-1 writing activity


Emergent Reader 2 -  Color Magic and Colorful Mice Introduces Letter "m"

The emergent reader "Color Magic" is a simple retelling of the book "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh. This reader is available in both black and white and a Color Mouse Pagecolor version. It also has enlarged pictures that can be used to make a big book.  There are two versions offered.  Version two is shorter and more repetitive than version one.

Sample Page of the Emergent Reader

Emergent Reader 3 - Retelling of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" 
This reader is also used in the "Five Senses" Theme as well.

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Note:  There is also a Canadian spelling version available.

New Emergent Reader 4 - Focus on Letter "Mm"
The emergent sight word reader Mouse in the Monster Parade can be be used to introduce or review the letter "Mm" and its corresponding sound.  The sight words:  "come, me and, a and the" could also be introduced along with color words.

Interactive Component:  Students color the monster according to what the text indicates.

Sample Page of the Emergent Reader "Mouse in the Monster Parade"


Books Related to Animated Alphabet Video


Emergent Reader 5 - Mary Wore Her Red Dress

In the link below you will find the  printable reader "Mary Wore Her Red Dress" .

Picture Version of Reading Selection

Emergent Reader 6- My Circle Book of Color Word Rhymes Letter m craft

The book requires the children to use the picture clue for coloring the circle.  For example, the picture of the queen tells the child that the circle should be colored green because it rhymes with queen.  A page could be worked on each day as a means to develop color word recognition and a more clear Letter e craftunderstanding of rhyme.

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities for Learning the Alphabet

Research has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulus.  For this reason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.  The letter "m" and letter "e" craft picture mnemonic activities are displayed in the photographs.  Letter "e" for egg and letter "m" for mouse.

Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Identifying Initial Alphabet Letter Sounds - Letter Sound Ee, Mm, Ii and Dd
Players (partners) take turns rolling a die.  They must identify the initial letter sound heard on the picture they landed on (introduced within the theme unit through the emergent readers).  They print the letter that represents this sound.

Sound Sorting Cards
As a member of the Kinderplans site you have access to alphabet picture cards.  These would be used to sort initial letter sounds.  Focus letter sound cards are found within this theme unit.

Color Word Recognition Games
Players (partners) would roll a die along the game board displayed in the photograph. They must identify the color and color word that they landed on.  They would mark they word mark this of on their color word chart.  The game is over once one player has their chart all marked off.

Word Family Activity

This word family activity is done by using the plastic eggs that are distributed at Easter time with goodies inside.  Print the word family on one half of the egg and the consonants to make the words related to that word family on the other.  The children can turn the egg to make new words related to that word family as shown in the photograph to the right.

Sight Word Games

Are included within the theme unit.

Egg Craft ActivityEgg Craft Activity TwoKindergarten-Preschool Color Crafts

Extraordinary Egg Craft Version 1 - Used in Conjunction with the Reader "Extraordinary Eggs"

On pages 33-38 in the theme unit you will find hats and accessories  to make an extraordinary egg.  The children would paint or color the egg and accessories and after cut, assemble and glue their extraordinary egg together.  This is a follow-up to reading the predictable chart "Extraordinary Eggs".

Extraordinary Egg  - Version 2

The circles on the egg are colored according to the words found on them.  This is a good color word recognition activity.  The egg is cut in half following the jagged lines.  The clown is colored and glued  to the egg to make it appear like it is popping out of the egg.

Clown Craft OneColorful Clown - Version 1Clown Craft Two

The clown suit is colored (a light color works best).  After the circles are colored (a color word version is available), cut and glued to the dotted lines on the suit. The hat is colored and cut also.  The clown would be cut out (this would need to be done by an adult).  The child's head shot would be cut and added.  The hat would then be glued to the head.

Colorful Clown - Version 2

Done the same as the above only facial features are added to the existing face.

Kindergarten Writing

The teacher would model the writing process by having the children dictate their favorite color.  After, this would be printed on the balloon and added to the clown to make it appear like he/she is holding it.

Favorite Color Craft

After reading the book "My Crayons Talk" by Patricia Hubbard the children will make their own crayon.  They would color it their favorite color.  These could also be used for graphing.

Crayon CraftWriting Shape BookletElmer Elephant Craft

The crayon template could be used for making a class shape booklet or an individual one.  The color words in the theme unit could be cut and glued on.

More Kindergarten-Preschool Color Crafts

Elmer the Elephant Craft

After reading the book "Elmer's Colors" by Donald McKee the children can make Elmer.  They would color the graph and after trace the elephant shape on top and cut it out.

Colorful Flower Garden

Color Mouse Magic CraftAfter reading the book "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert, the children can make their own colorful garden like in the story.  The children would paint the grass and stems on blue paper.  After the petals would be painted, cut and glued to the stems.

Color Mixing CraftsColorful Flower Garden Craft

Color Mice

Have the children use Q-tips to color mix.  Dab one end red and the other yellow to make an orange mouse.  This would continue with each primary color.  After the paintings are dry, they can be cut and glued to the picture frame.  The picture frame can be colored and cut to make a "Color Mouse Magic" display.

Mixing Colors Craft

Dilute food coloring with water (primary colors).  Have the children use an eye dropper to drop the food coloring on a coffee filter.  Have them watch the colors blend and change. 

Rolling Marble Craft  rolling marble craft

Place a paper into a pie plate or another container.  Pour the primary colors in three containers.  Add water to the paint to make it thinner.  warm-cool craftChildren dab the paint onto different spots on the paper (dab with small spoonful).  The children maneuver the plate to make the marbles roll into the paint and spread it.  They can watch the colors blend and change as the marbles move the paint around.  The children love this craft.

Warm/Cool Craft 

The children can color the underwater scene using cool colors (watercolors) like blue and green.  They can color the sun picture using yellow, red and orange representing warm colors.  A discussion would take place on these colors.
All the craft templates are found in the theme unit or member's area.

Preschool- Kindergarten Math

This theme focuses on identifying and printing numbers 1-10.  It also includes activities for graphing and sorting.  

Alpha Tunes CD

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Kindergarten-Preschool Color Songs

The songs "Extraordinary Eggs" and "Macey the Marching Mouse" from the Alpha Tunes CD would be used in conjunction with developing the theme concepts and introducing the letters "e" and "m".


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