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Kindergarten-Preschool Zoo

In this lesson plans theme pack your pre-k and kindergarten learners will be exposed to both fictional and informational reading text.  Both reading choices offers opportunities to encourage further research on the zoo animals mentioned.  All follow-up activities were purposely designed to be engaging and meet core curriculum outcomes.

Great to use to meet your informational content outcomes!

- 83 pages of content 
- 8 emergent readers
- Many follow-up craft ideas and templates
- 7 games and more literacy center ideas 
- Math activities to cover 10 Common Core outcomes
- Smart Board activities
- Songs

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Below you will find an overview of the emergent readers, literacy center games and activities, crafts and math outcomes met.  Of course, always feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Zoo Theme Lesson Plans Overview

Total of Eight Emergent Readers That Address Key Learning Concepts 

In each theme unit, emergent readers are used to teach key learning concepts to meet your curriculum outcomes. In this theme unit there are eight emergent readers.


Featured Zoo Emergent Readers

Emergent Reader - Zoo Escape
Great reader to use for  researching the different zoo animals mentioned in the book

This is is a simple retelling of the  popular book "Good Night Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Letters "Gg and Zz" would be introduced in a meaningful context
2.  Students cut and paste zoo animals referred to in the text which builds on reading comprehension

Alphabet Sight Word Literacy Program Related Unit Based on Literature Selection "Good Night Gorilla"

This unit includes:

-1 emergent reader in multiple versions
-3 alphabet game activities
-4 sight words game activities
-phonemic and phonological related activities
-related craft/art activity
-1 writing activity

Emergent Reader - Zoo Animal Babies

Great reader to use for vocabulary building

In this reader the students learn baby zoo animal names.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Could research other animals that call their babies the same.  Example:  both baby lions and bears are called cubs.
2.  Do further research on the animals mentioned in the reader.


Emergent Reader - Zoo Animals Babies
Great to use for informational content

Students learn about special features of certain zoo animals

Suggested Focus Concepts

Retrieve information from the book and be able to express what they have learned.

Example:  The hump on the camel is extra food.

Emergent Reader - Dear Zoo

A fun reader that encourages imagination

This reader is a simple retelling of the literature selection "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell

Suggested Focus Concepts

The class could have lots of fun making up their own "Dear Zoo" book


Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Centers - Overview 

The Zoo theme pack includes a number of literacy games, each relating to the focus letters and words that are covered in the emergent readers.  The following is a quick list of all the games, materials and center activities included within the pack.

-  Word family elephant activity

-  Printing book worksheets

-  Alphabet recognition picture game board

-  Sight word zoo game board

-  40 CVC picture cards

-  Identifying vowel in the middle game

-  Spinning top rhyming picture board game


Letter Sounds Recognition
Vowel in the Middle
CVC Word Work

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Outcomes Met

-I can tell if a group has a greater than, less than or or an equal amount.  K.CC.B.6

-I can compare two printed numerals between 1-10.  K.CC.B.7

-  I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers.  K.CC.A.3

-  I can count 20 things.  K.CC.B.5

-  I can add and subtract in different ways.  K.OA.A.1

-   I  can solve addition and subtraction problems up to 10.  K.0A.A.2

-  I can show sums in different ways.  K.0A.A.3

-  I can add and subtract up to 10  (using drawings, fingers or manipulatives).  K.0A.A.4

- I can name shapes no matter which way they are turned.  K.G.A.2

- I know some shapes are 2-D and 3-D.  K.G.A.3

Examples of Zoo Craft and Writing Activities Included

$10.97 BUY NOW 

- 83 pages of content 
- 8 emergent readers
- Many follow-up craft ideas and templates
- 7 games and more literacy center ideas 
- Math activities to cover 10 Common Core outcomes
- Smart Board activities
- Songs


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