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Transportation Preschool and Kindergarten Theme

In these theme lesson plans your students will enjoy learning about the different modes of transportation, experimenting (ramps, chutes, levers), completing shape crafts, sorting, measurement,  geometric shapes, numbers to 20, adding and subtracting.  As with all our theme lessons, the emergent readers were intentionally designed to develop early reading skills in an engaging learning environment.

- 76 pages of content 
- 3 emergent readers
- Related follow-up craft ideas and templates
- 6 games and more literacy center ideas 
- Math activities to cover 14 Common Core outcomes
- Smart Board activities
- Songs

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Transportation Theme Lesson Plans Overview

Below you will find an overview of the emergent readers, literacy center games and activities, crafts and math outcomes addressed.  Of course, always feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Total of Three Emergent Readers That Address Key Learning Concepts 

In each theme unit, emergent readers are used to teach key learning concepts to meet your curriculum outcomes. In this theme unit there are three emergent readers.

Emergent Reader - The Yippety Yaks
A fun reader to learn about modes of transportation

The Yippety Yaks will take your readers on a journey through different modes of transportation

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Letter "Yy" would be introduced in a meaningful context

2.  Identify main characters, settings and events in the story


Emergent Reader - Retelling of the Little Engine That Could
A fun way to initiate a discussion on perseverance

This is a simple retelling of the popular literature selection "The Little Engine That Could"  by Watty Piper

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Vocabulary development

2.  Story retelling

Printable Reader Three - How Will You Get There?

Could be used as a follow-up to reading the literature selection How Will You Get There, Maisy? by Lucy Cousins.  This emergent reader is done in a question and answer format.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  The concept of questioning and answering

2.  Addressing how to answer questions in complete sentences

Mini-Mo Willems Pigeon Series Literacy Mini-Theme

Focus Skills In This Mini-theme - Part of the Alphabet and Sight Word Program
-Activiites related to read aloud selections based on the author Mo Willems, specifically the books "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and "The Pigeon Loves Things That Go"
-Related emergent reader
- Introduces letters "Yy and Qq" and interactive follow-up games to reinforce this skill
- Focus sight words:  go, to, find, little.  Follow-up games to reinforce learning. 
- Rhyming activities
- Related follow-up writing and craft activities

More Information Found in the Link Below

Featured Literacy Center Ideas - More Within the Theme Unit

Focus Skills
- Matching upper-case letters to lower-case letters
- Identifying and printing all the consonant sounds (Consonant Race Game)
- Identifying and printing the vowels in the middle to match CVC picture cards 
- Sight word racing game
- 40 CVC picture cards to create your own games
- Spinning top rhyming game

Match Upper and Lower-Case

Consonant Race

 Connect the Alphabet Dots Balloon

Connect the Dot Alphabet Balloon

Featured Preschool and Kindergarten Writing and Crafts - More Ideas Within the Theme Unit

The crafts below are just a sample of what is included.  The crafts below are:  

-  Shape train which is a follow-up to reading "The Little Engine That Could"
-  Shape bus
-  Jet night scene (representing air travel)
-  Boat shape scene (representing water travel)

Shape Train
Shape Bus
Air Travel
Water Travel


Common Core Outcomes Addressed in this Theme

The focus in this theme is on the outcomes outlined below related to the Common Core Standards Outcomes.
 Counting and Cardinality
-I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers.
-I can count 20 things. K.CC.B.5
-I know a number represents an amount of objects for these numbers.  K.CC.A.3
-When I count, I know each number I say represents one object.  K.CC.B.4aa
-I know the last number I say is the number of objects, even if I arrange them differently.  KCC.B.4b
-I can tell if a group has greater than, less than or an equal amount.  K.CC.B.6

Measurement, Data and Geometry
-I can tell what the height, width and weight of an object is. K.MD.A.1
-I can compare the length, width and weight of two objects and explain the difference. K.MD.A.2
-I can sort objects into categories. K.MD.B.3
-I can tell you the position of an object using words like above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to. K.G.A.1
-I can name shapes no matter which way they are turned. K.G.A.2
-I know some shapes are 2-D and 3-D. K.G.A.3
-I can describe 2-D and 3-D shapes (corners, number of sides, etc.).  K.G.B.4
-I know some shapes are 2-D and 3-D.    K.G.A.3

$10.97 BUY NOW 

- 76 pages of content 
- 3 emergent readers
- Related follow-up craft ideas and templates
- 6 games and more literacy center ideas 
- Math activities to cover 14 Common Core outcomes
- Smart Board activities
- Songs


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