St. Patrick's Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities

Preschool Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plan

Shamrock Potato Head CraftIn the link below you will find the emergent reader The Leprechaun Wish.  This story can be recopied to make a big book, redone on chart paper or copied onto an overhead transparency to use for shared reading.

The Leprechaun Wish

Follow-up Activity

The leprechauns can be cut out and glued onto craft sticks and made into puppets.  The children can retell the story using the little puppets.  Larger leprechauns are found in the members' area.

Shamrock Potato Head Craft   

Shamrock Face CraftShamrock Face CraftLeprechaun Craft

Use the shamrock outline in the link below for a tracing template or directly for sponge painting with.

Make copies of the shamrock below, enough for each child to sponge paint  (ensure they have a paper towel or another paper to blot off the extra paint prior to sponging).  After the shamrock is dry, facial features can be added.

Large Shamrock Template 

Leprechaun Craft     

 The template for the leprechaun craft displayed on right here is found in the member's area.

 All templates to complete the projects are found in the member's area.

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