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Summer Activities Within the Summer Theme

 Sample of the Emergent Read "Fun, Fun in the Sun"

Summer Predictable ChartPredictable Chart

A predictable chart could also be used for shared reading.  The children could also use the word names to match with the pictures.  This activity is a good visual discrimination activity.

 The text could read as follows:

Summer is a time for sun.  Summer is a time for sunglasses.  Summer is a time for suntan lotion.  Summer is a time for bathing suits.  Summer is a time for sand sculptures.  Summer is a time for sand toys.  Summer is a time for water toys.  Summer is a fun time!

Sample Page from the Accompanying Emergent Reader

Sample Page of Color Emergent Reader Version

Sample Page of Black and White Emergent Reader Version

Kite KraftAdded Resources to the Summer Fun Theme Unit Below        

After reading the emergent reader printable book All Kinds of Kites as a shared reading or guided reading experience, the children can make their own kite as a follow-up to the story.  The diamond shape below can be used for the kite or a tracer to be used to outline on construction paper.  The children can color and cut around the pictures in the theme unit.  These can be added to decorate the kite.  Streamers were added to make the tail of the kite.

Diamond Shape Used for the Kite

Poem - March Wind

We made a brand new kite today,

And soon as we were through

We came out here to fly it,

And the wind just blew and blew,Sun Summer Craft

And now the kite's a tiny speck;

We've used up all the string;

I'd like to go and get some more,

Anne's such a tiny thing

To hold the kite all by herself;

I wouldn't let her try,

For fear I might look back and see

Anne sailing through the sky.     By Eleanor Dennis

Fun Fun In The Sun Follow-up Activity            

After reading the story Fun, Fun In the Sun as a shared or guided reading experience, the children can make thier own sun by painting, cutting and gluing the circle and triangles in the link below:  Note:  The triangles could also be glued to a small paper plate.  The rays could be made by tracing them on yellow or orange construction paper and glue on to the paper plate.      

Shapes for the Sun 

Class End of Year Picture Frame

In the link below you will find a picture frame that can be copied onto card stock or regular paper.  The children can color, cut the picture frame and a class photo can be glued on as an end of the year craft memory project.  The opening is sized for a regular 4X6 picture.

Picture Frame for End of the Year Class Photo

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