Kindergarten Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme Activities

Five Speckled Frogs - UG, OG and OOL Word Families   

This reading selection can be copied as a full-page flip emergent reader printable book by directing the copier to use two staples.  It can also be made into a smaller flip booklet by cutting it in the middle .

Five Speckled Frogs

Make Puppets to Act Out the Story!               Frog Paper Bag Puppet Craft  

 Note:  Templates to make the frog and paper bag puppet shown here are found in the members' area under the heading Nursery Rhymes .

The Cat and the Fiddle - AT Family

Picture Version of Reading Selection

Hickory Dickory Dock - OCK Family

Picture Version of Reading Selection

Little Boy Blue - EEP and OW Family

Picture Version of Reading Selection

Humpty Dumpty - ALL Family  

Picture Version of Reading Selection 

Five Little Monkeys - UMP Family    

Picture Version of Reading Selection

Monkey Paper Bag Puppet CraftNote:  Templates to make the monkey puppet to act out the story can be found in the members' area.

Mary Wore Her Red Dress

The children can color the pictures according to the words of the reading selection.  This is a good review of color words.

Picture Version of Reading

Mary Had A Little Lamb 
The children can color the picture of Mary and the lamb in the following link.

Picture of the Song

Word Families

Nursery rhymes are a great phonemic awareness introduction for young children because they introduce rhyme and common word families. After reading these in a shared reading experience you can hand- out the word family picture cards below.  As you are handing them out tell the children the name of the picture.  Look at the word frog, log, cool, pool and bug  in the nursery rhyme FIVE SPECKLED FROGS.  Have the children come forward if they have the rhyming card.  This is also a great vocabulary development activity because you can also discuss the meaning of each word.

Word Family Cards

Five Speckled Frogs

OG and OOL Family

UG Family

Humpty Dumpty

ALL Family

Hickory Dickory Dock

OCK Family

Hey Diddle Diddle

AT Family

Little Boy Blue

EEP Family

OW Family

Five Little Monkeys

UMP Family

More Word Families

ALL Family


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