Alphabet Sight Word Emergent Readers

In the list below you will find a list of all the emergent readers that could be used to introduce the letters of the alphabet in a meaningful context.  These readers also include the majority of the Dolch pre-primer sight words.

The  characters within these readers are also referred to on the animated alphabet music video found in the link below.  This is a fun way to integrate music and learning the alphabet letters and sounds.

Animated Alphabet Song Video

Information About the Alphabet Program

In the link below you will find more information about the "Alphabet Program"

Information About the Alphabet Program

Follow-up Weekly Literacy Centers

In the link below you will find weekly suggested "Literacy Centers" ideas.

Follow-up Literacy Centers

Theme Order I Follow Until End of January

This is the theme order that I follow until the end of January (new condensed versions) because they have been intentionally created to introduce the letters of the alphabet in a sequentially and meaningful order.  However, since many teachers enjoy incorporating the "Ocean" and "Zoo" themes at the end of the year, these themes also include more advanced activities (CVC games, addition and subtraction) so they can also be used at the end of the year and the alphabet related activities can be used as a review.

1.  About Me
2.  Apples, Trees and Numbers
3.  Halloween, Fall and Pumpkins
3.  Family, Pets and Colors
4.  Weather and Winter
5.  Christmas and Five Senses
6.  Ocean
7.  Zoo

There are many theories on how quickly the letters should be introduced but this will vary greatly depending on your learners.  I find introducing a new letter about every two to three days is the best.  This allows time to play the games related to that sound and have the students establish a stronger foundation.  

Suggested Letter Sequence
I have tried many different sequences in introducing the letters of the alphabet but the sequence below has worked for me the best.  I based this on the ease being able to print the letter, hearing the sound and used the most frequently in writing.

l, b h, r, f, a, t, p, s, m, n, e, d, c, k, u, v, i, x, o, j, w, g, z, q, y 

Click on the links below to find the theme unit related to the reader and more information about that reader

Letter "Aa" and "Tt"

"Ape Counts Apples"  found in the Apples and Trees Theme unit


Letter "Bb"

"Retelling of Brown Bear" found in Colors theme unit

"Retelling of Brown Bear" Christmas Version

Letters "Bb and Ll"

Lion Likes to Read Found in the All About Me Theme

Letter "Cc and Kk"

"Cool Clouds"  found in Weather theme unit

Letters"Cc and Kk"

Pete the Cat's Shoes in Pets Theme

Letters"Cc and Gg"

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses Retelling

Letter "Dd"

"Dog Dances" or "Taking Care of A Dog" found in Pets theme unit

Letter "Ee"

"Extraordinary Eggs" found in the Color theme

Letter "Ff" and "Rr"

"Rainbow Fish" used to introduce letter "Rr and Ff" found in the All About Me theme


"Funny Fish" found in Ocean theme

Letters "Gg", "Ll" and "Zz"

"Zoo Escape" found in the Zoo theme

Letter "Hh"

"Helping Hands" found in All About Me theme

Letter "Ii" and "Dd"

"The Best Pet" found in the Pets theme


"Iguana Ice Skating" in the Winter theme

Letter "Jj"

"Jellyfish Jiggles" found in the Ocean theme

Letter "K"

"Kangaroo Kicks" found in the Zoo theme

Letter "Ll"

"Lion Laughs" found in the Zoo theme


Letter "Mm and Nn"

"Mouse in the Monster Parade" found in the Colors theme

Letter "Nn"

"Noses" found in the All About Me theme

Letters "Oo, Jj and Ww"

"Exploring the Sea with Ollie Octopus"

Letters "Pp and Ss"

"Down at the Pumpkin Patch" in the Fall and Halloween theme


"What Does Polar Bear Hear" in the Five Senses theme


Sounds of Christmas in the Christmas theme

Letter "Qq"

"Queen's Feet" found in All About Me theme

Letter "Rr"

"Rainbow Fish" in All About Me theme


"Ronnie Robot" in Space and Robots theme

Letter "Tt"

"Trees" found in Apples theme


Letter "Uu"

"Unicorn's Umbrellas" found in the Weather theme


Letters "Uu and Vv"

"It Rained Valentine Hearts" found in the Weather Theme

Letter "Vv"

"Valentine Mice"  found in the Valentines theme unit


Letter "Ww"

"Whale Watching" found in the Ocean theme unit

Letter "Xx"

"Fox Play Rhymes" in the Valentine theme

Letter "Yy"

"The Yippety Yaks" found in Transportation theme unit

Letter "Zz"

"Zany Zebra's" Stripes found in the Zoo theme

+Elaine Engerdahl

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